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Dear Recruiter,

Thanks so much for touching base, and looking at my Linkedin Profile.  My Beaconhills College position is a Maternity Leave position which will expire in January 2019.  So in other words, I am in the market for a new position (hopefully permanent), from next January onwards.  I have procured outstanding references from my time at Beaconhills and am happy to supply these upon request.  I have always been an innovator with an active growth mindset in the workplace, achieving outstanding results in every workplace in which I have been involved. I have always been in teaching, but for the first time I am starting to think that I could be trained for a leadership role either inside or outside the education sphere.  Hence I am also open to roles in the business sector.  I have many ‘soft’ skills which I believe will render me a reliable contributor to any workplace.  I am forward thinking, dynamic, driven, productive, loyal, punctual and positive.  I am planning on doing a Masters in STEM education over summer through Open Uni’s (responding to the call for Australia to train 10,000 engineers by 2030), and have already completed some inservicing in Leadership Training and Development. I am actively doing MOOCS in my spare time in order to expand my skillset (You can see these in my VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) Inservice Profile contained in the PDF linked below.  I see these areas (Leadership and STEM), along with my music teaching as key components in a career profile for the future.  But above all these, I am primarily a people person who connects effortlessly with others and has mentored many effectively in the past. And I want to be working full time for the next 20 years.   I am re-inventing myself into the areas where I believe there is greatest need based on my research into current trends in the Australian workforce. My aim is to be pro-active, and not wait on the sidelines for something to fall in my lap.  I definitely do NOT want to be redundant in the years to come. I believe I have too much energy to retire anytime soon.  I you think you could assist me in transitioning into such a role, or have one available, or guide me into the areas of study in which I need to further upskill, or even suggest a career I haven’t yet thought of, I would be most definitely interested. 

Roles currently sought:

  • Music Director (or Director of Performing Arts)
  • Other Leadership Role in a School
  • Music Teacher (Senior, Middle or Junior School), either in Government, Catholic or Independent Schools
  • Consultant, Mentor, Life Coach, Mentor.
  • Instrumental Teacher (Piano)
  • Middle School STEM Educator
  • A Position in the Business Community involving (or aspiring to) Leadership Roles 

My contact details are below.  I would love to sit talk with you if you see potential in me.  Thanks for reaching out, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kind Regards,                                                      

Grant Furneaux

PDActivity_180594 – A Summary of my 2018 Professional Development Inservicing through the VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching).


P: 0449 969 754

W:   –  mostly related to music teaching but there is a page on my Professional development and much on my ‘Soft Skills’ which will be insightful to you (Site contain examples of student work and is password protected for privacy reasons: please use the word ‘inspire’ to unlock content).

Grant is a valued employee who always puts the customer’s needs first. He oversees the efficient delivery of an exceptional customer service, often showing versatility and flexibility in adjusting his schedule to meet individual customer needs. He is always conscious of maintaining the highest degree of work standard, and is always mindful of how his work standard effects others in the team. This makes him an exemplary team member. His relational people skills are exceptional, and Grant is able to establish rapport instantly with clientele and make them feel valued and accepted. He is always willing to go the extra mile, and always meets the most stringent work targets with a good attitude and a determined resilience. Grant is a great asset to any organisation of which he is a part.”

Paul Hennessy,
CEO, PHAD Investments

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