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In my years of teaching, I have taken hundreds of students on breath-taking tours to perform around Australia. Organising and conducting this program was rewarding, with each a life-changing experience for those involved. Each student was able to develop or find their creative musical and performance gifts, while working closely as part of a unified inter-campus musical team with one vision and common goals.

1991:             Tasmania.
             Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland, Victoria.
2000:            Canberra (Played in Great Hall, and New Parliament House).
2001:             South East Queenland.
            South Australia.


On tour, South Australia, 2006

2008:            Sydney and Canberra.

Combined Big band On Tour, Manly Corso Concourse, 2008

            Gippsland, Victoria.


On tour, Walhalla, 2009

2010:             Northern Victoria.


On tour, Bendigo, 2010

2011:              Tasmania.


On tour, Port Arthur, Tasmania

2013:             Gippsland, Victoria.
2014:             Northern Victoria

On tour, Northern Victoria, 2014

Wow, what a performance!  We expected high quality music, but we didn’t expect a whole stage show. You have every right to be proud of both your staff and students. They were professional, fun and enthusiastic. The range of music kept even our youngest students entertained and the stage presence of your senior students ensured that everything just kept on moving. A big pat on the back to your staff as well, to take on a road show like this and run it in the manner they did suggests that a lot of hard work and preparation has gone on before.
Thank you for providing such a highlight for our students.”

Graeme Hodgens

Principal Rochester Primary School (July 2014)


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